Product Details Metallock GRC is prefabricated architectural cladding consisting of a very thin layer (2mm) of GRC, on metallock Honeycomb Panel. It is making a significant contribution to the economics, to the technology and to the aesthetics of the building cladding industry worldwide. • Environmentally friendly composite • Low consumption of energy • Low consumption…


Product Details This is marble attached to the Honeycomb Panel. This is environmentally friendly as the thickness of the marble is a mere 3mm. Available in a variety of colors and finishes. Technical Specifications File Fire Certificate


Product Details Porcelain Honeycomb Panels are a compound of two diverse materials, such as metal and clay, bonded together in a permanent fusion with applicability in a number of uses ranging from kitchen counters to cladding walls. The maximum dimensions of these panels reach 1000mm × 3000mm, weighing six times less than that of solid…


Product Details Acrylic based decorative organic plasters, with acrylic resins in water dispersion, in paste form suitable for applications in external areas as wall cladding. They are available in different grain sizes. Applied over the reinforced base render coat available in white colour or in the UV resistant colours of the colour chart, upon request.


Product Details Corten is a very strong steel alloy that creates a self-protection “skin” known as patina, thus protecting it from further oxidization. It is the same as the green patina formed by copper, when exposed to the weather conditions.Continuous exposure of Corten to weather (dry or wet conditions) produces an initial micro-crystal patina, followed…


Product Details Vinyl Coating is the best available technology to meet the needs for quality metal coating and respect for the environment. It helps minimize the environmental consequences, such as VOCs emission, use of chemical components, and water, energy and waste disposal. Available in many colors. Technical Specifications File Fire Certificate


Product Details Natural quartz with special transparent resins. Available in a wide pallet of colors. SiO2 in exceptional chemical purity exceeding 99.5% and high hardness 7 mohs. This product offers the natural minimal quartz feel on extensive surfaces. It is designed for uses, such as wall cladding, blinds, pergolas and interior masonry. Technical Specifications File…